Our Story

Randall and Grace Hood, a husband and wife team, founded Corps d’Elite after a combined 20 years experience in the real estate industry.  They began 10 years ago with this thought in mind: “We want to deliver a higher level of service to our clients than what we personally have experienced working with other agents in our own transactions.”  With that, Randall and Grace pursued their real estate licenses, worked happily at a couple of big name brokerages for over 5 years, but still felt that they had more to give to their clients.  With every intention of doing just that, they set out on their own and established Properties By Hood, Inc.


Since doing so in 2011, Randall and Grace have been met with years of success, which they determine by the number of happy clients they have had, goals they have helped others reach, and hurdles they overcame together with their clients.


Now, with the formation of Corps d’Elite Real Estate Group and Corps d’Elite Mortgage Group, a select team of people best in class comes together to share in the success, bringing together new team members and new clients to continue what Randall and Grace have started.  Please feel free to get to know your Corps d’Elite team, and if you have not already, please look into our Vision and Mission to see what our commitment is to you, our client.  Thank you for choosing Corps d’Elite, and welcome to the family!